When Piggies Fly

We've been working on something huge and we think it's about time we told you our news. I'll give you 3 guesses!

"Is it another game update?"

No, we just had one of those. Think bigger!

"Is CoU shutting down?"

Naraka no! First of all, I'd be crying too much to see my screen and write this post.

"Has CoU been discussing the future of the cumulative Glitch revival effort with the other large project, Eleven, and now both projects have agreed to work together to expand server resources, implement more of the original game features, and fix more of the non-original bugs?"

Wow, that's…really specific. Why would you think that's correct?

Okay, fine, you got it. That's it, that's the news. Now let me tell you more.

For the past few years, Children of Ur and The Eleven Project have existed side-by-side. The main difference between the projects was the level of separation from the original Glitch: we used only the art and wrote all of our own code, while Eleven used a lot of the original game code and had some support from Tiny Speck, the original developer of Glitch.

But now that the projects are merging, we plan to eventually have one playable game that takes advantage of our combined development team to work amazingly well.

So far, nothing has changed about our game because of this agreement, but I promise you we will do our best to keep at least one publicly playable game open at all times.

For more details, you can check out Eleven's perspective on their blog. In the spirit of combining things, I encourage you to express your opinions in the comments on their blog post. And definitely not because of the paragraph below, nope, not at all...

A note about the forums

We're aware that our forums (and by extension, blog post comments) are broken right now. I promise you this is because of a software update, not because we're closing anything. We're currently working hard to get a new forum site built and running.