Is the server down?

Sometimes yes, but usually no. You can check whether we're having any problems on the status page:  CoU Status Page

Oh no! There's things missing from the game!

Yep! There's lot of things that haven't made it into the game yet. Don't worry! We're working on it, promise. If you think that you should be seeing the feature and are not, check our Features page to see what's made it into the game so far. If the feature is missing when you play, go ahead and send us a bug report! We'd love to know.

The game isn't showing up right.

If you are on a touchscreen device, even if it isn't a mobile device, your browser may use the mobile view. To disable it, type /interface desktop in chat and press enter.

Why aren't you working with the other groups to make the game?

Great question! Our team started working on this game before Tiny Speck released their assets to the public. We made some good progress before a lot of the other teams were formed. We completely support the other groups' work, we just have different skills and plans for the future of Glitch. It's like comparing apples to mangosteens.

Something is broken! How do I tell you?

The easiest way to report an issue is to click the bug icon at the top right of the game window. However, if you can't log in to the game, you can contact us or create an issue on our GitHub issues page (you'll need to sign in or create a GitHub account) but please make sure that it hasn't been reported before. If it has, just comment on the existing report.

To report a new bug, click the green New Issue button at the top right. In the boxes that appear, enter a short but descriptive title, such as Falling through platforms or Stuck at loading streets. Then, write a short paragraph telling us what you were doing when it happened, everything you tried to fix it... typical bug report stuff. If you want to include an image (which we love) simply read the text at the bottom of the big text box. When you're done, click Submit new issue, and we will try to work on it ASAP.

We want to keep our communications and operations as open as possible. If you need help or have a problem, please contact us on any of these sites, where other players can help you in addition to our team members.

If you really need to privately contact us, let us know on one of these sites and we'll do our best to help you.

You can also email us.

Our game does not require any downloads or plugins to run, which means no Flash Player, Java Runtime, Unity Web Player, or other launchers to keep updated, and makes it compatible with more platforms because it does not need to rely on the compatibility of other software.












Internet Explorer


Microsoft Edge





Mac OS X





Compatible 1




  1. Android has been tested with the Chrome browser app. Compatibility with the Android system (AOSP) browser is unknown.