Klikini posted in Comments 7 years ago

Underfoot Peepaw replied 7 years ago

Wow, this is a lot of amazing features and bug fixes! Thank you so much for everyone\'s hard work!

Skymaw replied 7 years ago

Wow, this is a sweet update. And three of the bugs I reported got fixed! Feel so handy. 

jellybino replied 7 years ago

Yay!!!  Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!!

SingingHead replied 7 years ago

Devs, How do I love thee? I love thee more than a Wintry Place...

I can\'t tell you how much your hard work means to us ALL--THANK you for giving us the gift of Ur! And thank you for making my Musicblock suggestion a reality--the Crabpack is more than I imagined when I suggested it!!! These latest fixes have taken the game to a whole new level! Thank you SO MUCH for your work and dedication!!!

Saturn Girl 2 replied 7 years ago

Thanks devs! Excited to try all this out.

tuqui replied 7 years ago

What an amazing amount of work this update must have been!! Thanks so much to all the devs <3

Can\'t wait to check them all out in Ur. 

fira replied 7 years ago

Thanks for all your hard work! 

lovenlife replied 7 years ago

You have done an amazing job!! Thank you.  To be able to come back and see that the spirit of helpfulness and cooporation is still alive makes my soul sing.  Much love to you all!!!

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