Jolly posted in Bugs 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago)

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but can't see anywhere else.

I cannot access the world beyond the splash screen.  I get an initial screen with the world turning and low level sound,  then the sound suddenly increases, but I still cannot get into the world.  I can faintly hear the music of the actual place in the world where my character is, but the splash screen just keeps repeating.

The info at the lower left says initially that it is 'chatting to the server' and then that it is 'preparing the world' but clearly the world is taking a lot of preparation, as it never finishes!

I assume that the server is down, but I cannot dwell on the screen before the splash screen to click on the status information, the page goes straight to the turning world.

Is this just me or is it a general problem? 

Thanks,    Jolly

jerk nugget replied 5 years ago

did you post over on the official issues page? that's over here:

(this is where all the bugs reported via the in-game interface go.)

perhaps you've figured it out by now though as it's been a week since you've posted :) if not, you could also try clearing all your history (cache/cookies/hosted app data) from all time, or logging in via a different browser. those are things that have helped me in the past.

i'm actually having the same problem, but it's because i dared to teleport into neva neva, which is apparently a street broken so badly that you can't visit it and if you try you won't even be able to log back into game :( wish i had known that before i tried lol. 

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