Guides are players who help new players out by providing them with answers to common questions, directions, and friendship in a strange, new place.

Benefits of becoming a guide:


A guide label next to your username in game chats and on the forums.

A gold ring around your avatar on your game screen.

Common questions guides should be able to answer:

This tree doesn't want me to pee on it. Where do I buy a watering can?
How do I get currants?
Where can I find a produce vendor?
How did you insert that emoticon?
What level am I on?
What is iMG for?
What's the difference between Global Chat and Local Chat?
What does mood do?
Where am I?
My energy and mood are low. What can I do?

Responsibilities of guides:

Answering questions from players (plus Live Help)

Welcoming new players to the world

Learning about changes to the game

We have enough guides at the moment, but check back later for more opportunities!

Current Guides