Forums! Website! Oh my!

Hello everyone! As you can see, the CoU website has gotten quite a facelift! Our developers Andy, Courtney, and Robert have been working on this for a while and now it’s ready for your beautiful eyes! We tried to make the site more user friendly, so let us know what you think! There will be a few more small changes for the website in the next week or so, but it’s definitely ready to go. Also, we've added a new feature to the website: forums! To post in the forums you will need to register for an account. You can do this by entering your email and creating a username. You can even write up a little bio about yourself to go on your public profile. Then you’re ready to go start posting and replying! Your profile image will be taken from the head of your avatar if you played glitch (similar to the /setname command in the game), so choose your name wisely. For now, these accounts are only tied to the forums, but they will be used for other things in the future (get ready for avatars). We currently have five topics: Announcements & Events, General, Ideas, Bugs, and Off Topic. forum Next, we need to talk about guidelines for the forums. As for now, we will be using the original Glitch community guidelines that were used in their forum. We will be writing up our own soon, but these will do for the time being. Because anyone can contribute to the forums, Children of Ur and it’s developers can’t be liable for what is posted in the forums, but we will try to keep an eye on things. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us on social media. Finally, the forums weren't fully tested before we released them, so when you run into a bug, let us know about it. That’s all for now, hope you enjoy the new site! Thanks for reading!