A little update

Hello folks. I just have a little quality of life style update for you tonight. After our last update that allowed you to look like anyone you wanted to, we heard a few things that were still bugging you. Now of course we’ve not magically finished the game, but here is what we have done for you: Some people were unable to find their old skin because we didn’t allow certain characters in a username. This was originally done for a technical reason, but you were right to complain. The change was made and you should be able to use ANY character you can think of in your name (let us know if something doesn’t work). tumblr_inline_nbg8rertXb1sa37e6 The next thing is a little hard to take a picture of, but you know how your inventory disappears whenever you have to reload or log off? Well, now it’s stored on the server and it should be automatically loaded for you each time you come back. There may be some problems due to the fact that your name isn’t set in stone (yet! we’re working on that too!), but for the most part, the experience should be better than it was. That’s it. Short and sweet today but we’d love to hear your suggestions and comments. Feel free to contact us via any of our social media.