Out with the wood, in with the... Sparkly?

As you maybe (and hopefully) know, we have been posting various game entities every two weeks for you all to suggest new phrases for, and we pick a few of the highest voted phrases each time to bring into the game. Before I announce the next thing (which you probably have already guessed based on the title, the next topic already being in Google Moderator, and the giant picture to the right), I would like to announce the phrases that have already won, and will be put into the game soon.


Ya bacon me crazy!
Coi Sun
Do I boar you?

Bean Tree

Well it's bean fun! See you later.
Have you seen Jack? I think I gave him the wrong seeds...

Wood Tree

Knot now. Axe me later.
Wanna go out? I'm feeling board.
View all submissions And now to announce the next topic: Sparkly rock, from now until April 26th, when the new topic will be released. Who knows what it will be? Submit and vote for Sparkly on Google Moderator