Google Moderator Update

Google Moderator is dead.
This is why I'm not in charge of art, okay?!?!
It's been a long time since I last updated everyone, and you all may be wondering why Google Moderator hasn't been updated with a new contest.  Well, I forgot Google Moderator is closing soon and we are working on a new place to hold the contests, and there weren't many responses on the last one. I'm not sure if that is because people don't like Google Moderator, or you forgot, or we didn't advertise enough, or you just didn't want to. Regardless of the reason, I have decided to hold off on future contests until our new system is fully coded and bug-free, which includes better logins (for you Persona-haters) and fewer websites to juggle. Now that I have said that, I would like to announce the winners for the Sparkly Rock contest:
You rock my world!
I've taken a shine to you.
Your submissions will be put into the game soon. Once we finish the new system, I will start it back up again. (Be sure to watch us on social media for an update!) I know at least a few of you like it, and we appreciate it. User input is what will make this game unique.