Hi everyone!FancyPickScreenshot So while you have all been playing with the new changes, I have been working on a wiki. The old Glitch encyclopedia rather set-in-stone and not user editable, and the Glitch Strategy Wiki is no longer in existence. My goal in creating the wiki was to fill the whole where the Glitch encyclopedia will have been after it eventually grinds to a halt, and to allow you all to help each other out by providing more detailed information about things in the game. So, why don't you go look at it? It's located at You will need to make an account for it that is separate from your game and forums accounts (I'm sorry, I tried...) and log in to edit or create pages. Anyone can view it. If you want to help us out, just take a look at the editing help to learn how to format the pages (it's very similar to other MediaWiki sites like the Glitch Strategy Wiki and Wikipedia, with some slight changes to make it easier). "So what do you want from us?" Well, I would like to have everything in the game moved over, but the wiki is for you as much as it is for us to get file links. You decide what you think is important to include on it. But wait! There's more! I'm not sending you out unarmed. I've built a special tool for you, the wikifier! You can read more about it on the editing help page I mentioned earlier. Have fun and good luck,