The "What could go wrong?" Update


We updated the game recently with some changes we have been working on and bugs we have been fixing since The Major Update To End All Major Updates. There weren't too many drastic changes, but here's what happened.

Our first change was that you can now choose to close the teleportation window when you teleport, so that you don't have to close it yourself when you arrive. Or, maybe you like to have it open at all times so that you can go whenever you need to. I made it a setting, so you are free to choose.


The next change was to the inventory box. It does not work yet (but we haven't forgotten about it, don't worry), however, it now has a nifty icon (yay?) and doesn't look quite as awful (yay!)


Vendors you meet in the game will now "walk" (more like float) around a bit, and they will open when you talk to them.
The last change worth mentioning (like the inventory window was worth your time reading it?) is that rocks will now talk to you.