The Everything Update

rockIt's been a long time since the last game update, and we are very excited to announce approximately 1 metric tonne of new features and items, plus the results of the fruit tree phrase contest.

Alpha 1.0.0 Update

We've been very busy, and we're already starting on the next alpha version, but we had to stop to share things awesome things with you all before we kept working.


The first change that started the update is the magic rock, who is now back with his usual snark that we all know and love. Just click on him and he can help you with getting started, and more things in the future. He also replaces the annoying Message of the Day window for now, so no need to close that every time (instead, ask your pet rock about the alpha notice).

Snark snark snark, that's all we really needed him to say.


What's that thing poking out of the top right corner of the picture? That's the minimap! It was strange to me having no idea where I was on the street, so the minimap will show you where you are, where other players are, and where the exit signs are. On tall streets, click the arrow to expand it to see or collapse it if it's in your way.

Can't see it in this image, but you can see dots for the other players as well.

You may have also noticed what is no longer above the minimap: the map button! The current street name is now on the minimap, and the map button matches the rest of the icons. Speaking of the map window, it has been completely rewritten to be functional. Opening it will bring you to the map of your current hub, in which you can click on streets to teleport to them (the teleport window has been removed because of this).

Learn your way around Ur


You can click on the globe icon at the top to show a map of the entire world. Your current hub's name will be shown, but you can click on any hub to show its map, and teleport to streets in it. The teleportation window is gone now, because you can use the map instead. Teleporting is free...for now.


See the world! Visit the sites!

I have also been working to add more things to the game for you to do, such as butterflies. You can milk them (but make sure to massage them first!)

"Heaven ablaze in our eyes..."


If your mood gets low, just find the nearest heli kitty and pet it. Who doesn't love soft, fluffy, part-helicopter-part-cat-things?


It's not all heli kitties and butterflies. When you need a tool, just consult the tool vendor on Cebarkul.

Bureaucrat gone wild!


I have also added 99.5% of the items from the Glitch Encyclopedia into the game, which makes it much more interesting. To give you a sense of scale, this is what the tool vendor window looked like during testing (this is only a few of the tools!)

Hey you...wanna buy a shovel? I got some for real cheap.


The vendors on each street now sell different things depending on what type of vendor they are, which is determined at runtime (but it is the same every time), so the vendor locations now will probably not match those from Glitch. It was kind of silly having shrines on streets, but not being able to use them. Now, just commune with any shrine to donate items to it.

Get the Giants on your side.


Now, what happens when you get full favor with a giant? You get an emblem! What happens when you get 11 emblems from the same giant? You can make an icon!

Hooray stuff.


You can use the icon and emblem to gain energy, mood, or imagination from your inventory. Ground-use items like stills, icons, and gnomes will work correctly in a later release. Going back to the mood boost from heli kitties, your face now appears in the top mood circle, next to the new iMG menu icon.

You won't see your face change, but it is nice to have something there.


Just like on your face when your mood gets low, it sometimes rains in the game now. You can adjust the amount of rain in settings, because some computers can't handle too much of it.





In addition to weather, the clock now runs a day and night cycle, where streets will become darker during the night, and look very nice during sunset and sunrise.



Each morning when the sun rises at 6:00 am, your energy will be fully restored. You're welcome.


What if you can't wait for a new day, or your mood is low? You can now eat and drink things!

Sounds delicious, game.


You can also focus on your focusing orb. (Don't try to levitate, we don't have that set up yet.) If you're feeling generous, you can radiate to help everyone on the same street.



If you want to know more about an item, click the information icon on its right-click menu.

Bam. Starburst effect.


If you want to help out your friends, you can now mail them some currants.

Type in the amount or use the selection arrows
Type in the amount or use the selection arrows


For me?
Click to take them.


Bug Fixes

  • Remember how you could walk sideways off of ladders and fly around? Keep that memory. No more flying!
  • If you ever wrote a message in the mailbox window, you might have noticed that pressing certain keys would move you around the screen or open other windows. No more of that.
  • Your face now correctly shows up in the mood meter.
  • When you triple-jump, the missing sound effect now plays.

Fruit Tree Winners

First place with 6 points, awarded a diamond:

Together we make a great pear

A close second with 5 points, awarded a ruby:

Oof. Take this. Heavy.

Your phrases have been added in this update, and the items are now in your inventories. With an update comes new bugs, so please let us know if you find any. Have fun,