Alpha 1.1 Update

We just released Alpha 1.0.0 a few weeks ago with tons of new features and a few bug fixes, but it also created a few new bugs and there are always new things to add, so here we are.

New Features

Alpha 1.1.0 contains a TON (and if you weighed them, it would probably add up to more) of new entities for you to talk to, buy from, and watch as they fail completely at their primary form of locomotion due to nonexistent required environmental factors. The first and second of which, who I'm sure constitute quite a bit of that ton, are Helga and Uncle Friendly. You can go buy your lukewarm drinks and week-old groceries from them at your liking. Just head over to West Spice or Guillermo Gamera Way to find them. And by "head over," I mean walk or teleport. You can now select any street on the map to get GPS directions to, or spend 50 energy to teleport right now.

You can also see another feature, the icons that tell you what is on each street.
You can also see another new feature, the icons that tell you what is on each street. Hover over them to find out more.
If you choose to walk, you'll get information on where to turn.
If you choose to walk, you'll get information on where to turn.

Once you get to Uncle Friendly's Emporium, you can now actually go inside, using the door. Remember how every vendor in the northeast region looked the same? Now, each vendor is one of the 11 different types.

Their eyes glow at night to help you find them in the dark.
Their eyes glow at night to help you find them in the dark.


In addition to more diverse vendors in that region, there are now street spirits in Mazza'la and Ilmenskie, with their respective appearances. We have also fixed the interface a bit, to make things easier. The clock is back in its rightful place at the top, and the map button has been moved onto the minimap (it's the magnifying glass). Speaking of the minimap, the dot color for each player now matches their chat username color for easier identification, and you can hover over it to see their username. Now, developers talking in the game (and on the forums) will have a dev label next to their name, so you know that you can trust them for accurate information and account help. If you're up for it, we can also designate players that know a lot about playing the game as guides (they will have a guide label) that can sit in live help (or anywhere, really) and answer questions or introduce new players.


You may have also noticed the emoji icon next to the global chat textbox. I wonder what it does! Well I'll just click it and...

We also fixed the bug where emoticons wouldn't show up in speech bubbles correctly.

Oh! It opened a window full of emoticons. To use them, you have three options:

  1. Hover one to find out its name, then type :name: in a chat box, replacing "name" with the label.
  2. Drag the emoticon into either chat textbox.
  3. Click on them to type it into the box you opened the window from (indicated under the handy search box in the emoticon window).

We also made it possible to open as many item windows as you want (or, as many different items you have, if you like to limit your thinking). Great for comparing item stats.

The last UI change to announce is a new "Interact with..." menu, designed to look like the one from Keita's Quick Ideas. It may be buggy at times, because the way entities are drawn in it is subject to change and some currently do not fit. You may have noticed the cubimal windows in that last screenshot. I had a few in my inventory because now you can get them out of their boxes, race them (sorry, they don't move along the ground quite yet), and set them free for a small reward. Before I leave the firebogs, we have added a few new entities here:

  • Peat bogs
  • Jellisac clumps
  • Barnacles
  • Fireflies (no jars yet, though)

Moving on to Jal, salmen now exist. Sadly, there is no water yet, so they cannot swim correctly. If you prefer to explore the northern snow regions (which need more attention in a later release, we know), you can now collect ice cubes from ice nubbins. Cool, right? The last entity to mention is the Meal Vendor in the deeps, and his cart of hot meals to eat. They are a great way to get the energy needed for teleporting all over the map.

Screenshot 2015-07-23 at 9.16.55 PM

You can open your iMG menu by pressing the i key (you can change this shortcut in preferences, press p or click the gear icon at the top right), or by clicking the iMG bubble at the top left. There, you can check your level and progress towards the next. Hover over the bar for more detailed numbers. This is great and all, but I still have to warn you that the level scale is subject to tweaking, so your level may fluctuate a bit before the game goes live.

Screenshot 2015-07-23 at 9.18.32 PM

You'll also get a level up screen when you, as you might guess, level up.

Bugs Fixed

  • The vendors have been reset to their original Glitch locations, so there is a chance that toy vendors now exist (supposedly they did before, but I could never find any.)
  • Several types of vendors wouldn't open due to incorrect item references, which would crash the server for everyone. Not anymore!
  • Images loading used to freeze and/or crash the game, but most UI images are now loaded when the game is starting up, so this won't happen.
  • Walls and ceilings have been added, which prevents most of the glitching-through-the-ground issues from happening in most places (please report any specific cases that still exist.)
  • Axe and hatchet (plus many more) item icons in the inventory bar have been fixed.
  • Most importantly, the bug with the login component that prevented account logins for many people has been fixed (we hope).

Have fun and please let us know of any new problems,