Alakol Completist
Andra Completist
Aranna Completist
Balzare Completist
Baqala Completist
Besara Completist
Bortola Completist
Brillah Completist
Callopee Completist
Cauda Completist
Chakra Phool Completist
Choru Completist
Chute Jockey
Commuter Mug
Drifa Completist
Dust-Busting Trigger-Trappist
Fenneq Completist
Firozi Completist
Folivoria Completist
Globetrotter Extraordinaire
Groddle Forest Completist
Groddle Heights Completist
Groddle Meadow Completist
Ground Hogger
Haoma Completist
Haraiva Completist
Ilmenskie Caverns Completist
Ilmenskie Deeps Completist
Ix Completist
Jal Completist
Jethimadh Completist
Junior OK Explorer
Kajuu Completist
Kalavana Completist
Karnata Completist
Kloro Completist
Licensed Super-Gregarious Glitch-Beamer
Licensed Teleporter (Gee Class)
Licensed Teleporter (Pfft Class)
Licensed Teleporter (Whoa Class)
Lida Completist
Massadoe Completist
Muufo Completist
Naraka Completist
Nottis Completist
Numismatizer, Dragon Class
Numismatizer, Gryphon Class
Numismatizer, Leprechaun Class
Ormonos Completist
Pollokoo Completist
Rambler, First Class
Rambler, Second Class
Rambler, Third Class
Rasana Completist
Roobrik Completist
Salatu Completist
Samudra Completist
Senior OK Explorer
Shimla Mirch Completist
Sura Completist
Tahli Completist
Tamila Completist
Trigger-Happy Trap-Duster
Twinkle-Toed Trap Triggerer
Unlicensed Teleporter (F Class)
Unlicensed Teleporter (G Class)
Unlicensed Teleporter (N Class)
Unlicensed Teleporter (Z Class)
Uralia Completist
Vantalu Completist
World-Class Traveler
Xalanga Completist
Zhambu Completist
About Average Irrigationist
Advanced Spice Collector
Amateur Bean Tree Fondler
Assistant Spice Manager
Basic Bean-Grower
Bean Counter
Bean Counter Pro
Beanorator 1st Class
Beanorator 2nd Class
Beginner Drizzler
Better Bubble Farmer
Better-Than-Average Mulcher
Better-Than-Lousy Douser
Better-Than-Mediocre Fruit Tree Pettifier
Big Splasher
Bonafide Gas Wrangler
Bubble Coaxer
Bubble Transubstantiator
Bush Whacker
Chief Bubble Tree Cuddler
Compulsive Moisturizer
Confident Petter
Decent Tree Hugger
Dedicated Gas Fancier
Definitely-Much-Better Tree Hugger
Effervescence Consultant
Egg Aficionado
Egg Enthusiast
Egg Freak
Egg Plant Coddler
Egg Poacher
Entry-Level Fruit Tree Harvester
Executive in Charge of Spice Reformatation
Extremely Promising Tree Hugger
Finally-Pretty-Good Tree Hugger
First-Best Bubble Farmer
First-Rate Rainmaker
Fruit Metamorphosizin' Tycoon
Gas Dabbler
Generalissimo Beanorator
Getting-There Tree Hugger
Golden Watering Can
Good Bubble Farmer
H2Oh! Award
Heavy Petter
Hobbyist Gas Fancier
Intermediate Fruit Metamorphosizer
Intermediate Spice Collector
Johnny Anyseed
Junior Irrigationist
Little Squirt
Lumber Lover
Mad Gasser
Master Bean Counter
Master Overlord of the Spice Dominion
Masterful Fruit Tree Pettifier
Mayor of Sprayerville
Mid-Level Bubble Tree Cuddler
Mid-Management Fruit Tree Harvester
Mighty Fine Mulcher
Newbie Fruit Tree Pettifier
Not-Quite-Pro Bean Tree Fondler
Nouveau Whack Job
Novice Fruit Metamorphosizer
Novice Precipitator
Novice Spice Collector
Obsessive Gas Fancier
Occasional Gas Fancier
OK Soaker
OK-But-Needs-Improvement Tree Hugger
Overpaid Executive Fruit Tree Harvester
Participant Award - Bean Division
Paul Bunions
President and CEO of Fruit Tree Harvesting Inc.
Pretty Fine Mulcher
Professional Bean Tree Fondler
Qualified Botanical Health Professional
Rainmaking Noob
Regular Whack Job
Respected Tree Doctor
Rookie Bubble Tree Cuddler
Second-Best Bubble Farmer
Second-Rate Rainmaker
Señor Sprinkles
Shrub Snuggler
Spice Examiner
Spice Intern
Sprout Stroker
Super Duper Soaker
Super Soaker
Super Supreme Egg Plant Coddler
Superior Irrigationist
Supreme Egg Plant Coddler
Tentative Petter
The Dampinator
The Hydrophile
The Saturator
Timber Jack
Timber Nut
Trainee Tree Medic
Water Wings
Wet William
Whack Job Deluxe
Whack Job Extraordinaire
Whiz-Bang Plantifier
Wood Abettor
Wood Wacker
World-class Tree Surgeon