1. Arborology 1

    The Arborology skill means an increased awareness of how the great garden of Ur grows: and how best to exploit it. Hurrah! You can get a little more imagination every time you harvest.

  2. Arborology 2 151 points

    A higher level of Arborology skill bestows upon you a certain facility with trees such that your deft and graceful harvesting hands return twice more product with each harvest.

  3. Arborology 3 532 points

    Acquire the third level of the Arborology skill, and see your harvests improve dramatically. As the energy it takes to gather tree-based goods decreases, you'll develop the ability to occasionally coax a bonus reward from your harvestings. Life is win/win for the Level III Arborologist.

  4. Arborology 4 1625 points

    Arborology IV is notable for increasing your chance of a bonus gift during harvesting, and increasing the imagination you get every time you do harvest. Which all serves to increase your reason for learning it.

  5. Arborology 5 4116 points

    The ultimate level of Arborology skill offers an altogether better class of bonus reward, and provides the foundation necessary to upgrade to even more productive methods of harvesting.

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