1. Croppery 1

    Anyone who possesses a Crop Garden in their back yard would be wise to learn Croppery because anyone who knows Croppery will yield twice as much crop product from a plot (along with benefits to mood and imagination).

  2. Croppery 2 57 points

    Advancing your Croppery skill to the second level means you'll use less energy planting, watering and harvesting your crops. And every so often, the land will give you a little super fun happy bonus present.

  3. Croppery 3 173 points

    Croppery III makes you a veritable master of the garden, giving you more mood and imagination for tending your crops through their lifecycle, and yielding a higher chance of surprise bonuses (or bonus surprises). Above all of that, every so often you will have a 'super harvest', which yields double the amount of crops from a plot.

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