MapFiller? More like MAP FILLED!

Amazing! You guys rock! Since our last update where we introduced our crowd-sourced level editor, many of you have been hard at work recreating a glitchy world in Children of Ur. mapfilled1 A whopping 1360/1369 streets have been filled in by all of you. And in the short span of just two weeks! Truly incredible. Please apply high fives liberally. mapfilled2 There’s many bigger things to come, but in the mean time, we have updated our outdated street-loading screens. mapfilled3

Before Shim Shiri was updated, TS had given it a more ‘appropriate’ name, still used in the reference files.

We’ve also released mystery quoins and Quarazy quoins into the world. Mystery quoins create randomized quoins in the level, where Quarazy quoins give you a huge imagination boost. Huzzah. Future Development So what do we have in store? Our developers (and the ranks are growing!) are working on a diverse set of features now.
  1. Paul’s been hard at work at an improved user interface for the game - one that’s much cleaner, has better features, and has more of a Children of Ur spin on it.
  2. Andy has some awesome website features in the works; forums, profiles, the whole nine yards. Prepare yourselves.
  3. I’ve been working on the new wardrobe/vanity design. Get ready to dress up (and dress down) ti your heart’s content!
  4. Our super-developer, Robert, has been working on a ton of stuff. More map features, auctions, and personal avatar’s in the game!
So we’re knee-deep into development now. Watch for some teaser images over the next week to see what we’re working on each day. As always, thanks for being awesome.