I'm going to try to keep this post short so you can get back to playing and we can get back to fixing bugs (and the forums). The most important takeaway is that map navigation no longer makes [...]
I suppose I should start with an apology. We're sorry the game hasn't been updated since May 2018 2017 (Holy Humbaba, it's been a long time!) We're even more sorry the game has been completely [...]
Why are these Juju Bandits mad? Well, UR just got more secURe! We've gone from HTTP to HTTPS on the website and game for tighter security. Back in September of 2016, Google Chrome announced: [...]
Take a look at what your friends have been leaving around Ur. We have just a few updates today. It's been a busy time but we wanted to release some of the new stuff that's been sitting around [...]
This updatecontains a few tiny improvements, and fixes some bugs. New Features As shown above, the street loading screenfinally supportsindividual hub background colors,lists entities on the [...]
Cubimal racing just got a whole lot better! New Features Energy decreases while in the Wintry Place. #1411 Notes can be read from the ground, without picking them up first. #1396 Donating to [...]
We've completed our next release which has a bunch of bug fixes and a few cool new features. Check it out. Should I bring an umbrella? New Features Weather in different hubs is based on real [...]
We wanted to get this update out quickly because it fixes a lot of bugs that were introduced in the last update, but we still managed to get some new features in. Need to make a hoe so that I [...]
This releaseis a hastily-built fix for several issues, though it provides one neat new feature. If you stop reading now, at least take away that you will probablyneed to press Ctrl + F5 after [...]
The last update wasn't too long ago, but this update is a whole lot bigger, and skillfully crafted before the minor issues werebuffed out for the best gameplay experience. New Features As you [...]
After therecent server instability, we decided it was time for some more actual bug fixes and a few small features. New Features As you can tell from the screenshot in the spoiler, the client [...]
Remember when we mentioned in the last post that the next update would be a lot more fun? Get ready for some awesome new features! New Features Achievements As you saw in the top image, we have [...]
This update isn't too exciting, mainly because we're still fixing bag-related bugs. The next update should be more fun, but this is not the next update. Game Update New Features The settings [...]
After the slew-and-a-half of bugs introduced in the last update with bags, we thought it would be important to get a quick update out to fix them before we worked on too many new features. Bugs [...]
New Features The last few updates have been pretty big, but all of the new features were minor. Let's change that. Chat The first addition worth mentioning is not really that important to [...]
We just released Alpha 1.0.0 a few weeks ago with tons of new features and a few bug fixes, but it also created a few new bugs and there are always new things to add, so here we are. New [...]
We updated the game recently with some changes we have been working on and bugs we have been fixing since The Major Update To End All Major Updates. There weren't too many drastic changes, but [...]
This is a little more organized, isn't it? It's been a little while since we've pushed new features to the game. But that doesn't mean that we haven't been building them. One thing that tends to [...]
Hello all. I hope you are not getting too much snow. But if you don't want to go out and shovel your driveway, I've got something fun for you to do instead. Here's what our login page looks like [...]
It's been a while. I say this because I think the last post I put up was back in September. We've been busy in the meanwhile. Of course the fall months brought schoolwork and holidays which kept [...]