Alpha 1.2.1 - The Unbuggy baggy bag-debug Update

After the slew-and-a-half of bugs introduced in the last update with bags, we thought it would be important to get a quick update out to fix them before we worked on too many new features.

Bugs Fixed (we hope)

  • Inventory problems #55
    • Items sometimes not returned from actions #42
    • Cannot sell gems to vendors #34
    • Emblems displaying incorrectly in the inventory #50
    • Duplicating bags #57
    • Bag problems #66
  • Incorrect sammich recipe #38
  • Graphical glitches with toasts #51
  • Repeated death and revival messages #55
    • And locked inventory #69

Click the links to view the original report (sorry if the link wasn't to the original report, I tried my best) on GitHub, or view the release milestone. Basically, bags should work much better now.

Bugs that weren't fixed & features that weren't added (yet)

  • Cannot merge two stacks of items
  • Items collected with a full inventory do not drop onto the ground, but are lost forever
  • After buying/mining/etc, you'll need to drag an item between slots in the bag the items were added to to refresh its contents

New Features (I don't follow directions sometimes...)

Locations can specify weather rules

This allows us to disable the rain graphical overlay for the underground locations (Ilmenskie Caverns and Ilmenskie Deeps) as well as Uncle Friendly's Emporium. The weather sound effects will still play, but the raindrops will not fall. It also allows us to designate certain locations as snowy regions, which is awesome! In Nottis and Drifa, any time it rains in the rest of the world, it will snow. Turn the weather intensity to Normal in Preferences (press p or click the icon) for a cool frost effect on the screen.

Maps of regions show which streets you have visited

Streets you have visited will appear normally, and streets you have not visited will appear "locked" until you visit them. The "locked" state will have no effect on anything but appearance.


Chat mention notifications

If someone says your username in a chat channel you have open, you'll now get a popup notification (if your browser supports it) with their message, in addition to the usual sound effect.


Chat Location Links

Speaking of chat, you can now type the name of any location (hub or street, case-sensitive) into a chat window and it will create a link to it on the map for everyone in the chat.


Username Colors

Because of several user requests for this feature, you can now choose the color of your username in the game (and minimap dot) from your profile page's account section after logging in to the site. Color choices are unlocked by level, so you should go collect some iMG! Let us know of any bugs we missed (that haven't already been reported, please!) or features you want us to work on,