Alpha 1.2.2 Update

This update isn't too exciting, mainly because we're still fixing bag-related bugs. The next update should be more fun, but this is not the next update.

Game Update

New Features

  • The settings window now provides you with a Light option for rain, which will display fewer drops so that it's easier to see the street. #326
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Action menus have numbers for each choice, and pressing that number key on your keyboard will choose it. #303
    • Your inventory bar is now accessible with the number row on your keyboard. Press a number 1 to 0 to open the menu for an item.
    • You can also hold shift while pressing the number of a slot with a bag in it to open/close the bag, rather than opening the menu.
  • Energy refills with a level up. #56
  • The selected "bubble" when you are touching multiple items has a more distinct background color. #378
  • You can merge two stacks of the same item together by dragging and dropping one onto the other. #72
  • Cubimal race messages will now say who raced them
    Debugging an inventory slot identification issue and the cubimal messages at the same time
    Debugging an inventory slot identification issue and the cubimal messages at the same time

Bugs Fixed

  • Bags contents wouldn't update when performing actions on entities that give you items.
  • Items on sale can now be bought even if you don't have enough money for the full price. #381
  • The grinder action animations were missing. #377
  • Long action names would wrap around and break the bubble layout. #230
  • Street data for a few streets was missing. #271 (this is why some streets wouldn't show up as visited)
  • Bags would duplicate themselves #283
  • Bags would go missing #345
  • Level-ups were messy and are now handled by the server #375
  • Vendor windows have been fixed #279 #284
  • Chat links work again

Just because an issue you reported isn't listed here doesn't mean that we didn't fix it. Many issues were caused by the same error, so fixing one fixed several. Check the status of your specific issue here, and re-open or re-report it if we closed it but you're still having problems.

Other Notes

The game server has been very unstable since the last update, and we're not sure exactly why. However, we have made several improvements and optimizations that we hope will improve it. You can monitor the status of all of our servers and sites on our status page. We are automatically notified if it becomes unresponsive, and we usually restart it immediately. Thanks for understanding :) The forums have also been sort of buggy, which Robert fixed last week. Please contact us if you have any further issues with forums pages. Thanks for staying with us through the buggy bag struggles,