Alpha 1.3 Update

achvsRemember when we mentioned in the last post that the next update would be a lot more fun? Get ready for some awesome new features!

New Features


As you saw in the top image, we have finally built an achievement system! First, we would like to warn you that not every achievement is currently achievable. Here are a few that are:
  • All of the exploration and completist
  • Tree actions (petting, watering, harvesting)
  • Items (including the blender, saucepan, frying pan, awesome pot, etc.)
  • Giants & Emblems
  • Player actions (walking and jumping)
You can check the status of your earned achievements on your profile page (the categories where none work are not listed, but some of the ones that still appear are not achievable. We'll work on it!) You can also see the achievements you have earned and have yet to earn in-game by pressing Y on the keyboard (default key, rebind in the Preferences menu). When you get an achievement, you'll get a message congratulating you.


Another big addition in this update is a quest log! Not all of the Glitch quests have been written, but you can play with a few of them. Just play around a bit, and your pet rock will let you know about any that come up for you.

Vendor Item Names

As requested, hovering over an item in the vendor window will let you know its name, without having to open it. This will be very helpful for items with nondescript icons.


Before today, it was sort of depressing to watch the salmen struggle to move, but now they can! You can't swim around in water yet (we need to work on adjusting the physics there), but the Salmen should have no problem with it.

Bugs Fixed

  • Likomärkä showed up with strange characters on the street sign #349
  • You could only donate one item at a time to shrines #392
  • GPS navigation would break when dying #397
  • You could focus and meditate at the same time #395
  • Two streets could be loaded at the same time, breaking everything #402
  • Barnacles did not have a "scrape" bar #393
  • Firefox refused to connect to the game server #54
  • Searching the map returned poor results #401

A Few Notes

  • Because the holidays are over, we have reset the max quoin limit back to 100. Sorry about that.
  • Bags are old news and are no longer on sale, however...
  • Knives & Boards are 25% off. You should buy one (hint hint)