Alpha 1.3.1 Update

After the recent server instability, we decided it was time for some more actual bug fixes and a few small features.

New Features

As you can tell from the screenshot in the spoiler, the client now has a "dark theme" that you can apply in Preferences (p or the gear icon at the top right).


We have also added quest rewards to the window, so you can tell what you'll get before you finish the quest. quests

Streets with dead ends have been missing their visiting stones for a long time now, but not anymore! They will take you to a random street that you haven't been to before.


Dust traps in the Ancestral Lands can be stepped on (again)

Almost got me!
Almost got me!


Key bindings that are duplicated will be highlighted, so you won't get stuck in a head-turn loop


Guide & Dev labels have been added back to the chat pane, after I accidentally removed them a while ago.


Most of you are probably familiar with what happens when you leave the window while walking. A warning message will now show up with instructions for fixing "stuck" keys.

lostcontrol regaincontrol

Quoins you cannot collect (full status) will appear semi-transparent


You can now send items to other players through the mail. This is currently a little limited. You can only send 1 item in each slot, but this will be changed later. You also can't send bags through the mail yet. We'll work on it.


Items now have a durability. Each time you mine a rock, for example, one durability will taken from your pick. There is a bar underneath items that have durability and will tell you how much is left. When the durability is 0, the item's image will turn to a broken one. You cannot currently repair items.


Piggies can now be fed and they will plop.


You know how it's pretty difficult to drop all of your potatoes on the ground at once? It's not hard anymore. Actions like drop and pickup now present a "How Many" dialog that will allow you to do it all at once.


Two more quests were added. I won't spoil how to get them but they are called "The Great Guzzler Challenge" and "Doody Inspector".

Bugs Fixed

  • Quarazy Quoins no longer respawn
  • Messages without subjects can now be opened
  • The world map now renders without killing your browser
  • Some streets in Salatu and Besara were not being marked as visited
  • Links in chat messages actually work now
  • The plus and minus buttons in the vendor window work better
  • Other issues that are listed here