Alpha 1.4 Update

The last update wasn't too long ago, but this update is a whole lot bigger, and skillfully crafted before the minor issues were buffed out for the best gameplay experience.


New Features

As you can hopefully tell from my not-so-subtle hints above, skills and buffs have been added! I'm going to start with buffs because they're easier to explain.

Buff display area


Buffs are temporary effects that you can get by eating pie, collecting a mystery quoin after you have a full quoin multiplier, or activating spinach. They last for a certain amount of time, which you can check on by looking at them to the right of your screen. Glitch had them exactly like this, nothing new here. Our skill system is drastically different, but hopefully more fun. In Glitch, you had to wait anywhere from 5 minutes to a few weeks to learn a new skill, time spent staring at that little green progress bar. Not anymore! In our game, you learn skills by practicing, like in Sims.

Skill level meter


Each time you do something related to a skill, you gain points for that skill. Once you hit a certain number of points (varying by skill and current skill level), you level up. While you're doing the action (if it's an in-world action, not recipes), a little meter will appear indicating your progress to the next skill level. You can check your levels at any time and for any skill by opening your imagination menu (press i or click the iMG bubble icon at the top left).


Before you reach level one of a skill and gain its benefits, you have to learn the basics of a skill, like I'm doing with Arborology above. Once you reach the first level, you start getting the benefits, and by the time you complete the skill (the levels don't go on forever), you'll have all of the benefits built up. If you're still reading this, I didn't make this sound exciting enough for you to start playing immediately. But there are a few other things.


You can now cancel making recipes, so you won't have to follow through with 200 Oaty Cakes if you meant to make 2. Just keep in mind that you will have to finish making the one you've already started after clicking the button. Rain can now water trees, so they shouldn't look so pitiful all the time.

Bugs Fixed

  • Visiting stones won't take you to streets that aren't on the map, so you shouldn't get stuck in basements anymore
  • Pressing backspace in the "How Many...?" window won't close the game now
  • Achievement data timers have been tweaked, so achievements should work better