Alpha 1.4.1 Update, and an Encyclopedia

Not much is new in this update, but we've fixed a lot.

Let's jam



Bug Fixes

  • Spice plant beans weren't in the Bean Seasoner menu. #855
  • Quarazy quoins didn't show up sometimes. #832
  • You could mine rocks that aren't there. #822
  • Ice cubes dropped water every time. #800
  • Making cheese did not use energy. #787
  • Test tube did not have an action animation. #751
  • You could eat, drop, and do whatever with negative numbers of items. #745
  • Alchemical tongs did not have an action animation. #743
  • Focusing orbs and emblems did not work anymore. #734
  • Grinders would not give the correct number of items. #721
  • Smelter did not have an action animation. #713
  • Food stopped giving you energy. #687
  • Rescuing from Naraka broke the game. #680
  • Achievements (especially those based on doing things a certain number of times) were not being awarded. #471
  • Several locations did not get marked as visited on the map:
  • Several vendors did not sell any items:
  • There was a typo in a Dullite message. #776
  • Several streets were inescapable, and a rescue button has been added:
  • Fix some random server crashes

New Features

  • You can earn points towards your Arborology skill through petting and watering, so get out there and help some trees! #853
  • The iMG menu refreshes periodically, so you don't have to open and close it repeatedly to update it. #707
  • You can now buy fortune cookies (well, you could also buy them before, but now you may actually want to!) and place notes inside. Then just mail them to friends, and they can open it. #551
  • Jal/Samudra actually has water in it now! Have some fun swimming around, no more getting stuck at the bottom! #35 (I know, right? That's been around a long time.)
  • You can earn crabato juice if you can make the crab happy. #711

The Encyclopedia

The Glitch encyclopedia is very slow and painful to use, and our attempt at a wiki was quickly filled with spam. encyclopedia We now have our own encyclopedia, located at! Right now it is tied to the game server, so all the numbers and descriptions will match. However, we plan to add wiki functionality in the future. Who knows, maybe we could even have voting to change how things are in the game?