Alpha 1.4.2

This release is a hastily-built fix for several issues, though it provides one neat new feature. babyanimals


If you stop reading now, at least take away that you will probably need to press Ctrl + F5  after the page loads for the first time after the update to play!

Bug Fixes

  • Local Chat would break if the server was slow. #873
  • Recipes would go on forever, eventually crashing the server for everyone. #877
  • Achievement stat counters would not always update correctly. #878
  • Username changes would temporarily break the game. #885, #837

New Feature

As the picture above suggests, you can now spawn entities on streets! Some streets don't have enough piggies, chickens, or butterflies, but now you can fix that. #848

  1. Season an Egg with an Egg Seasoner to choose which type of animal to spawn.
  2. Find a Chicken, and ask it to incubate the egg for you.
  3. Go to the street you want to spawn the animal on, and feed the baby animal in your inventory. When you've fattened it up enough it will grow into an adult animal and live on that street.

That's it for now, hopefully the next update will hold something more exciting. We wanted to push the update now to fix some of the more game debilitating bugs.