Calling all digital artists: we need a stylist NPC!

One of the features we're working on for the next update is a selection of preset avatars, provided by Glitch players, to copy. This is temporary because building a customization and animation system from scratch is a lot of work and a very long process, so this is to tide everyone over until we get time to do that. Anyone can allow their avatar to be listed, just contact us with your Glitch username and we'll add it.

The avatar selection screen.
The avatar selection screen.

The part we need digital artists for is a bit harder. We would like to attach this selection screen to an NPC in the game, like a stylist or barber vendor. However, we are mainly programmers, not artists. So, now for your job, if you're up for it: we need you to design (and optionally animate) a barber or stylist "vendor". It can be floating (like the street spirits), walking (like the tool and meal vendors), or in the ground (like the Ilmenskie street spirits). Be creative, but it should be apparent that it is a barber or stylist of some kind. As mentioned above, you may choose to animate it for a better in-game look. If you do this, please send us a spritesheet of the frames with a transparent background, like the one shown below. [caption id="attachment_1270" align="aligncenter" width="880"]

The Piggy's "look at screen" spritsheet.
 The Piggy's "look at screen" spritesheet.

It does not need to be animated at first. If you would like to submit just a single frame or a "concept drawing" we can use that to judge and contact you to see if you'd be willing to do more if we like it. If we receive multiple designs, we'll hold a voting contest. Our goal is to be as community-centered as possible, and this is one way to do it: let the players design the game!

Here's my attempt. Please. Someone. Anyone else.
Here's my attempt. Please. Someone. Anyone else.

Even if we don't pick yours for this, perhaps we may use it for something else in the future, if you'll let us.


  • Has the appearance of a barber, stylist, fashion designer, etc.
  • Matches the art style of the rest of the entities. It doesn't have to be perfect, but don't draw it with 3D gradients, in anime style, etc.
  • The image is of a reasonable size (frame dimensions are between 50px and 200px).
  • The image has a transparent background and no "glow" on the edges (shadows, leftover background, etc.)
  • A vector file (SVG) is preferable, but PNGs will also work.
  • You own the rights to the drawing: original work only. We don't want a lawsuit from someone we don't know.
  • You agree that the work will fall under our existing license. By submitting a drawing, you agree to this license.

Let us know if you're okay with us mentioning your name in the blog post for this release. Happy designing!