Alpha 1.4.3

We wanted to get this update out quickly because it fixes a lot of bugs that were introduced in the last update, but we still managed to get some new features in.

Need to make a hoe so that I can plant all these crops.
Need to make a hoe so that I can plant all these crops.


Bug Fixes

  • Inescapable Hell. #767
  • One broken tool would break them all. #880
  • Entities would slowly fall to platforms when spawned. #941
  • Usernames with special characters didn't work on profile pages. #947
  • Wrong achievement given for cooking. #959
  • The smelter achievement wasn't getting awarded. #963
  • Hidden streets would send you to Cebarkul. #972 and #1001
  • Considering emblems awarded no energy. #975
  • Entities disappeared when spawned. #996 and #1009
  • Piggy plops stopped plopping. #999
  • Map search was broken when internal streets were added. #1008
  • Pressing backspace in the "How Many?" dialog would go back a page. #1042

New Features

  • Grapes in Hell One can now be picked up, and tomatoes spawn in the deeper areas. #835
  • Tools can be repaired and created with a Tinkertool. #951
  • Your energy refills and the tanks size increases when you level up. Don't worry, your tank has been right-sized according to your current level. #1016
  • An option has been added to Preferences that will switch to the dark interface during in-game night time (6:00pm game time) and back to light mode for the new day. #1025

An inventory search window has been added, useful for finding items in bags! Click the search icon at the bottom right, or press Ctrl + F. Clicking a search result will open the correct bag and highlight the slot for you. #942 invsearch Gardens have been added! Go visit the community gardens to find some plots. #983 gardens While it's not the great avatar customization system you've all been hoping for, we have added a way to change your appearance (just until we animate the sprites ourselves). You can find the option in the right pullout tab by chat, near the Change Username button. Just select a new look and hit apply to get it. Your game will automatically reload to apply it. avatars The choices are contributed by players who had Glitch accounts. To get yours on the list, just send us your Glitch username. Well, that's it for now. Please let us know of any new bugs this update caused, and have fun finding them!