Client Update

Good evening Urians, I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the progress we’ve made this week. If you’re a bit of a techie, then you can see a list of the changes made here. In short, we have tried to take care of bugs that you guys have been reporting.  I can’t express just how helpful it is that you take the time to post those for us.  It’s not always easy for us to reproduce on our machines so the interaction that you give us even through the bug squashing process is amazing. Thank you again. One addition of note is that we now support emoticons in chat!  As of tonight, the list of supported emoticons is only 4 long, :beryl:, :guano:, :crab:, and :piggy:.  You can use them by either typing them in just like I have above, or (especially when the list is longer) you can type a : followed by [Tab] and it will cycle through all of the choices. Before we add too many more, I hope to put in some sort of pop-up window that will allow you to click on choices as well. These emoticons will also show up in the chat bubbles if you use them in Local Chat, which looks pretty cool to me :) One more thing: You can also use /me to express your feelings better.  Just type /me before your message and it will come out like this: /me seems sleepy…zzz Produces: Thaderator seems sleepy…zzz Thanks for reading and as always, feedback here or on Github is most welcome!