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Level 20
41,655i currently
41,129i all-time


₡5,002,395 ₡


3,549 streets visited


2.97x quoin multiplier
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Bubble Tuning






Animal Kinship





Butterfly Whisperer
Hen Hugger
Hen Hugger Deluxe
Pork Fondler
First Emblem of Alph
First Emblem of Cosma
First Emblem of Lem
Amateur Bean Tree Fondler
Egg Plant Coddler
Newbie Fruit Tree Pettifier
OK Soaker
Super Soaker
Tentative Petter
OK-But-Needs-Improvement Tree Hugger
Decent Tree Hugger
Novice Precipitator
First-Rate Rainmaker
Shovel Jockey
Able Chopper
Fine Mincer
Nice Dicer
Silver Cleaver Award
Ix Completist
Junior OK Explorer
Senior OK Explorer
Rambler, Third Class
Rambler, Second Class
Butterfly Whisperer
Apprentice Lepidopteral Manipulator
Practical Lepidopteral Manipulator
Master Lepidopteral Manipulator
Nigh-Mystical Lepidopteral Manipulator
Basic Larva Lover
Intermediate Larva Lover
Advanced Larva Lover
All Right Hatcher
Best Nester
Incubator Par Egg-cellence
Hen Hugger
Hen Hugger Deluxe
Hen Hugger Supremalicious
The Hugginator
Chicken Tender
Pullet Provenderizer
Capon Caterer
Egg Transmutator Apprentice
Egg Transmutator Pro
Egg Transmutator Maxi-Pro
Happy Foxbrusher
Delirious Foxbrusher
Maniacal Foxbrusher
Cunning like a Foxbrusher
Fleet Foxer
Fox Tourist
Fox Flurrier
Piggy Nibbler
Bacon Biter
Ham Hocker
Trans-Rational Meat Aficionado
Pork Fondler
Swine Snuggler
Pork Petter Extraordinaire
3rd Rate Piggy Hash Slinger
2nd Rate Piggy Hash Slinger
Piggy Hash Slinger 1st Class
Sloth Stuffer
Circle Crunch
Common Snail Collector
Dedicated Snail Getter
Giant Snail Lander
Showered with Sloth-Dribble
Bathed in Sloth-Slobber
Candy Muncher
Candy Snaffler
Candy Nommer
Candy Caner
Candy Stripper
Mini Tricksy-Treater
Minor Tricksy-Treater
Major Tricksy-Treater
Super Tricksy-Treater
The Candyglitch
Pumpkin Carver
Giant Lover
Fledgling Crest Collector
Significant Insignia Collector
Fancy Medal Fancier
Crest Connoisseur
First Emblem of Alph
First Emblem of Cosma
First Emblem of Friendly
First Emblem of Grendaline
First Emblem of Humbaba
First Emblem of Lem
First Emblem of Mab
First Emblem of Pot
First Emblem of Spriggan
First Emblem of Tii
First Emblem of Zille
Super-Sized Sycophant
Novice Novitiate
So-So Supplicator
High-Ranking Supplicant
Shriner Forty-Niner
Spent First Emblem of Alph
Spent First Emblem of Cosma
Spent First Emblem of Friendly
Spent First Emblem of Grendaline
Spent First Emblem of Humbaba
Spent First Emblem of Lem
Spent First Emblem of Mab
Spent First Emblem of Pot
Spent First Emblem of Spriggan
Spent First Emblem of Tii
Spent First Emblem of Zille
Interested Party
Team Player
Project Enthusiast
Up 'n' Comer
Deeply Concerned Citizen
Odd Jobber
Chore Buff
Elbow Grease Monkey
Head Honcho
Domestic Completist
Better Homes and Gardens
Novice Furniturer
Professional Furniturerer
Master Furniturererer
Corporate Cabinetmaker
Captain Tchotchke
Into the Light
Court Hoarder
Order of the Hoarder
Honourable Chairperson
Framer Ranger
Aspirational Home Improver
Inspirational Home Improver
Amateur Bean Tree Fondler
Not-Quite-Pro Bean Tree Fondler
Professional Bean Tree Fondler
Rainmaking Noob
Better-Than-Lousy Douser
The Dampinator
Participant Award - Bean Division
Bean Counter
Bean Counter Pro
Master Bean Counter
Beanorator 2nd Class
Beanorator 1st Class
Generalissimo Beanorator
Rookie Bubble Tree Cuddler
Mid-Level Bubble Tree Cuddler
Chief Bubble Tree Cuddler
Water Wings
Señor Sprinkles
The Saturator
Good Bubble Farmer
Better Bubble Farmer
Second-Best Bubble Farmer
First-Best Bubble Farmer
Bubble Coaxer
Effervescence Consultant
Bubble Transubstantiator
Nouveau Whack Job
Regular Whack Job
Whack Job Deluxe
Whack Job Extraordinaire
Paul Bunions
Egg Plant Coddler
Supreme Egg Plant Coddler
Super Supreme Egg Plant Coddler
Junior Irrigationist
About Average Irrigationist
Compulsive Moisturizer
Egg Enthusiast
Egg Poacher
Egg Aficionado
Egg Freak
Novice Fruit Metamorphosizer
Intermediate Fruit Metamorphosizer
Fruit Metamorphosizin' Tycoon
Newbie Fruit Tree Pettifier
Better-Than-Mediocre Fruit Tree Pettifier
Masterful Fruit Tree Pettifier
OK Soaker
Super Soaker
Super Duper Soaker
Entry-Level Fruit Tree Harvester
Mid-Management Fruit Tree Harvester
Overpaid Executive Fruit Tree Harvester
President and CEO of Fruit Tree Harvesting Inc.
Sprout Stroker
Bush Whacker
Shrub Snuggler
Little Squirt
Wet William
Mayor of Sprayerville
Mad Gasser
Occasional Gas Fancier
Hobbyist Gas Fancier
Dedicated Gas Fancier
Obsessive Gas Fancier
Gas Dabbler
Bonafide Gas Wrangler
Better-Than-Average Mulcher
Pretty Fine Mulcher
Mighty Fine Mulcher
Basic Bean-Grower
Whiz-Bang Plantifier
Johnny Anyseed
Tentative Petter
Confident Petter
Heavy Petter
Beginner Drizzler
Big Splasher
The Hydrophile
Spice Examiner
Novice Spice Collector
Intermediate Spice Collector
Advanced Spice Collector
Master Overlord of the Spice Dominion
Spice Intern
Assistant Spice Manager
Executive in Charge of Spice Reformatation
Trainee Tree Medic
Qualified Botanical Health Professional
Respected Tree Doctor
World-class Tree Surgeon
OK-But-Needs-Improvement Tree Hugger
Decent Tree Hugger
Getting-There Tree Hugger
Extremely Promising Tree Hugger
Definitely-Much-Better Tree Hugger
Finally-Pretty-Good Tree Hugger
Novice Precipitator
Second-Rate Rainmaker
First-Rate Rainmaker
H2Oh! Award
Superior Irrigationist
Golden Watering Can
Wood Wacker
Timber Jack
Wood Abettor
Lumber Lover
Timber Nut
Healthy iMG turnover
Raking in the iMG
The Kindness of Strangers
Cultivation Nurturer
Restorer of Stuff
Make Do and Mender
Loyal Tender
Dedicated Restorationizer
Amateur Decrustifier
Decrustifying Enthusiast
Semi-Pro Decrustifier
Big League Decrustifier
Bigger League Decrustifier
Shovel Jockey
Dirt Monkey
Dirt Diggler
Wannabe Fly Flycatcher
Somewhat Fly Flycatcher
Pretty Fly Flycatcher
Supafly Flycatcher
Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby
On Thin Ice
Cold as Ice
Slime Harvester
Sac Bagger
Glop Grappler
Paper Plucker
Sheet Snatcher
Pad Pincher
Parchment Purloiner
Compulsive Re-Peater
Obsessive-Compulsive Re-Peater
Feat of Peat Excellence
Saint Peater
The Imp
Ranger of the Night's Watch
Knight of the Kingsguard
Hand of the King
Monarch of the Seven Kingdoms
Order of the Butterfly Passant
Order of the Rearing Piggy
Order of the Chicken Dormant
Order of the Dragon Sejant
Order of the Unicorn Salient
Order of the Manatee Rampant
Card-Carrying Qualification
Firefly Whistling
You Have Papers!
Eggy Wegger
Local Yolkel
Outstanding Coddler
Golden Ovum Award
Glutton for Nourishment
Bonbon Vivant
Noted Epicure
Gourmand Supreme
Protein Time!!!
Dedicated Meataterian
Hardcore Carnivore
Silver Gristle Award
Golden Hock Award
Slippery Customer
Jammy Dodger
Right Honorable Robber-Ducker
Darwin Award Winner
Quiet Tragedy
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Cubimal
Friend of Cubimals
The Swarm
Hero of the Cubimals
Cubimal Emancipationist
First Series Releaser
Second Series Liberator
Lovable Skinflint
Promising Lush
Hollow Leg Award
Certified Boozehound
Perseverating Dipsomaniac
Aftershock Award
Bubble Tea Aficionado
Firetongue Award
Nervous Belch Award
Bounder, Untenured
Bounder, Tenured
Ace of Om
Harmony Hound
Full-Time Swami
Master of Internal Emptiness
Big Spender
El Big Spenderino
Moneybags Magoo
First Eleven
Major Player
Series 1 Cubimal Wrangler
Series 2 Cubimal Wrangler
Egg Hunter Trophy
Emblems Trophy
Gem Collector
Musicblock BB Collector
Musicblock DB Collector
Musicblock DG Collector
Musicblock DR Collector
Musicblock XS Collector
Street Creator Dirt Trophy
Street Creator Earth Trophy
Street Creator Rock Trophy
Street Creator Wood Trophy
Bubble Collector
Fruit Collector
Gas Collector
Spice Collector
1-Star Cuisinartist
2-Star Cuisinartist
3-Star Cuisinartist
4-Star Cuisinartist
5-Star Cuisinartist
Golden Ladle Award
Pulse, Frappe, Mix & Blend
High Speed Commingler
Mediocre Mixologist
Middling Mixologist
Superior Mixologist
Brazier Apprentice
Grill Jockey
Master Carbonifier
Killer Griller
Broil King
Decent Hash Slinger
Pretty Good Griddler
Grease Monkey
Saute Savant
Sizzler Supreme
Able Chopper
Fine Mincer
Nice Dicer
Silver Cleaver Award
Master Whacker
Rainbo Taster
Rainbo Brite
The Rainbo Connection
Beginner Decoctifier
Junior Dough Puncher
Senior Dough Puncher
Seasoned Scullery Sleuth
Culinarian Supreme
Rolling Boiler
Roux Guru
Gravy Maven
Super Saucier
A-1 Saucier
Student of Artifactology
Qualified Artifactologist
Epic Hero
Epic Poet
Epic Urian
Covered in Epic Win
Feat First
Five Feat Under
Feater of Glory
Featist of Renown
Famous Featologist
Quick on Your Feat
Down To The Wire
Bead Threader
Threader of Renown
Order of the Third Otter
Order of the Seventh Seal
Tinker Trainee, Kitchen Division
Assistant to the Mending Manager, Kitchen Division
Senior Mending Manager, Kitchen Division
Spin Doctor
String Practitioner
Friend of the Urth
Bar Fly
Girder Herder
Hot Rodmaker
Hill of Beams
Chairman of the Board
Post Master (General)
Curious George
Gas Guzzler
Forgey LaForge
Crucible Jockey
Metal Masseuse
OK Hewer
Creditable Delver
Serious Scrabbler
Master Blaster
Shiny Nugget Award
Minor Refiner, Blue Class
Fine Refiner, Blue Class
Pretty Fine Refiner, Blue Class
Exceptionally Fine Refiner, Blue Class
Minor Refiner, Green Class
Fine Refiner, Green Class
Pretty Fine Refiner, Green Class
Exceptionally Fine Refiner, Green Class
Minor Refiner, Red Class
Fine Refiner, Red Class
Pretty Fine Refiner, Red Class
Exceptionally Fine Refiner, Red Class
Minor Refiner, Shiny Class
Fine Refiner, Shiny Class
Pretty Fine Refiner, Shiny Class
Exceptionally Fine Refiner, Shiny Class
Toolie Apprentice
Tool Artiste
Total Tool
Executive Flunky, Tinkering Ops
Chief of Tinkering Operations
Special Agent, Tinkering Ops
Grand Poobah, Tinkering Ops
Un-Confounded Compounder
Really Un-Confounded Compounder
Loyal Alloyer
Constable Coppersmith
Sergeant Coppersmith
Chief Inspector Coppersmith
Bootleg Facilitator
Captain of the Anti-Temperance League
Heavy Metallurgist
Thrash Metallurgist
Death Metallurgist
Plain Crystallizer
Amorphous Crystallizer
Polymorphous Crystallizer
Moste Potente Potioning Medal
Slughorn Medallion
Jigger's Ribbon
Severus Sash
Libatious Borage Award
Potion Patron
Elixir Enthusiast
Philter Fiend
Libation Lover
Critter Catalyzer
Dragon Chaser
Sparkle Buddy
Hallowed Be Shrine Name
Entry-Level Admixificator
Mid-Level Admixificator
Senior Admixificator
Starter for Tinsmithery
Middling Tinsmitherer
Top Tinsmith
Dandy Tincturer
Crackpot Infuser
Enchanting Extractorator
Uralia Completist
Groddle Heights Completist
Ilmenskie Caverns Completist
Ix Completist
Alakol Completist
Andra Completist
Balzare Completist
Besara Completist
Bortola Completist
Callopee Completist
Chakra Phool Completist
Ilmenskie Deeps Completist
Jethimadh Completist
Kajuu Completist
Kalavana Completist
Lida Completist
Muufo Completist
Nottis Completist
Ormonos Completist
Pollokoo Completist
Roobrik Completist
Salatu Completist
Shimla Mirch Completist
Tamila Completist
Aranna Completist
Cauda Completist
Fenneq Completist
Firozi Completist
Folivoria Completist
Groddle Forest Completist
Groddle Meadow Completist
Haoma Completist
Haraiva Completist
Karnata Completist
Kloro Completist
Massadoe Completist
Naraka Completist
Samudra Completist
Sura Completist
Tahli Completist
Vantalu Completist
Baqala Completist
Brillah Completist
Choru Completist
Drifa Completist
Rasana Completist
Xalanga Completist
Zhambu Completist
Jal Completist
Twinkle-Toed Trap Triggerer
Dust-Busting Trigger-Trappist
Trigger-Happy Trap-Duster
Junior OK Explorer
Senior OK Explorer
Rambler, Third Class
Rambler, Second Class
Rambler, First Class
World-Class Traveler
Globetrotter Extraordinaire
Numismatizer, Leprechaun Class
Numismatizer, Gryphon Class
Numismatizer, Dragon Class
Ground Hogger
Commuter Mug
Chute Jockey
Licensed Teleporter (Pfft Class)
Licensed Teleporter (Whoa Class)
Licensed Super-Gregarious Glitch-Beamer
Licensed Teleporter (Gee Class)
Unlicensed Teleporter (G Class)
Unlicensed Teleporter (F Class)
Unlicensed Teleporter (N Class)
Unlicensed Teleporter (Z Class)
Competent Windbag
Garrulous Prolixificator
Coat of Open Arms
Make a Crab Happy
Philanthropic Member of the Social Construct
The Daily Hi-Skipper
Social Antisocialist
Marathon Maverick
Long-Distance Lone Wolf
Endurance Misanthrope
Stalker, Non-Creepy Designation
Glitch Train
Fine Friend
Good Buddy
Jolly Good Chap
A-1 Comrade
Best Pal
Good Neighbour
Social Butterfly
Hi and Mighty
Member of Hi Society
Hi Flyer
Hi Speed Chase
Hi Velocity
The Motorboat
Sociable Susan
Affable Anthony
Gregarious Gunther
Decent Citizen
Pretty Good Samaritan
Noble Philanthropizer
Hi Baller
Hi Priest
Master of the Hi Coup
Crowded House
House Party
Epic Blowout
Hanky Splanky
Trader Joe
Trader Vic
Trader Carl
Humble Bragger
So-So Sower
Amateur Agronomist
Not-So-Grim Reaper
Ace Propagationist
Haughty Culturist
Mixed Herbalist
Aggressive Agrarian
Multi Cultivator
Awesome Apothecary
























Take a look at what your friends have been leaving around Ur. We have just a few updates today. It's been a busy time but we wanted to release some of the new stuff that's been sitting around [...]
It was recently discussed in global chat that the tree health seemed like it was lacking. It occurred to me that people may not have picked up on the fact that trees now require water in order [...]
This is a quick note about recent server issues. Over the past ~week our server has been not super stable. This is not the fault of our game server, but rather of our hosting provider. They have [...]
Programming humor Continuing with our behind the scenes series, I wanted to talk to you today about some of the tooling that we use as a team to get stuff done. Git/GitHub GitHub keeps the [...]
This is a little more organized, isn't it? It's been a little while since we've pushed new features to the game. But that doesn't mean that we haven't been building them. One thing that tends to [...]
Funny trees are funny. So, when I posted about the talking trees, I had taken a few phrases from Tiny Speck's source code and included it in ours. But there's one problem, we already know all [...]
Hello all. I hope you are not getting too much snow. But if you don't want to go out and shovel your driveway, I've got something fun for you to do instead. Here's what our login page looks like [...]
It's been a while. I say this because I think the last post I put up was back in September. We've been busy in the meanwhile. Of course the fall months brought schoolwork and holidays which kept [...]
If you have ever found yourself lonely in the world of Ur, now you can share it with the company of the trees. If you harvest, water or pet a tree, you'll see that it now produces a bit of [...]

I completely understand, Marla. I think some new quests would be a good addition to the next release. If you have any ideas for new quests, they would be welcome as well.
I completely understand, Marla. I think some new quests would be a good addition to the next release. If you have any ideas for new quests, they would be welcome as well.
Sorry to say that you can't hear the music for yourself yet. That's mostly an issue of us not having the rights to the music so we can't include it just yet. So collecting the music boxes and [...]
Sorry to say that you can't hear the music for yourself yet. That's mostly an issue of us not having the rights to the music so we can't include it just yet. So collecting the music boxes and [...]
Hey Zog, this is great. I still have your site bookmarked in fact.
Hey Zog, this is great. I still have your site bookmarked in fact.
Yes, that's true. There is no way (currently) to plant a tree, nor to kill one. This is yet to be implemented.
Yes, that's true. There is no way (currently) to plant a tree, nor to kill one. This is yet to be implemented.