Taking Care of Business and Working Overtime

It may seem pretty quiet around Children of Ur lately, but looks are definitely deceiving! For the past week and a half, our development team has been hard at work on the game (seriously, some of these guys have been putting over eight hours a day into working on the game!). Here’s what’s been going on:
  • Re-implementing the Glitch art assets and along with revamping a few of them.
  • Re-configuring the inventory bar.
  • Signposts are now back where they should be. Clicking on a street name will take you to that street. For now you can still teleport via chat as well.
  • Pigs are now walking around and enjoying life, though, they can’t be nibbled quite yet.
  • Glitchen can climb platforms and ladders with climbing animation.
  • A total rehaul of the user interface’s software, which will make the game run more smoothly.
We made a tool to create and edit streets to be used in CoU. This will be a browser-based fill-in for LocoDeco written in Dart. It’s currently rather crude, but can import existing streets and export new streets in a format that can be loaded into CoU. Popup windows, chat dialogs, and splash screens are implemented by an entirely rewritten UserInterface class, and we’re using a much simpler system of handling keyboard input. When the new user interface is fully integrated, you’ll be able to submit bugs from within the game without having to open a new tab. Tons of brainstorming to improve the game for users! Although the new user interface isn’t ready yet, check out the demo, climb on stuff and watch the piggies! Our team is really excited for what the next few months will bring to the game and we hope you are too!