Alpha 1.4.4

We've completed our next release which has a bunch of bug fixes and a few cool new features. Check it out.

Should I bring an umbrella?
Should I bring an umbrella?



New Features

  • Weather in different hubs is based on real cities around the world
  • Eggs can be eaten
  • Chat panels can be resized, and new message scrolling can be disabled

Bug Fixes

  • Completist achievements would trigger every time a street loaded, regardless of hub completion. #1122
  • Achievements got mixed up. #1125
  • Energy did not increase on level up. #1182
  • Some seeds did not work. #1157
  • Links in chat had HTML appended to their targets. #1164
  • Entity data was lost when streets were empty. #1123
  • Chicks could not be fed. #1158
  • The focusing orb was broken. #1119
  • Jellisacs did not indicate energy/mood/img changes. #1215
  • Usernames were duplicated with leading/trailing spaces. #1389
  • Server was extremely slow and unresponsive under certain conditions (especially the Community Gardens street). #1093
Also, the Wintry Place now has all of its assets!
Also, the Wintry Place now has all of its assets!