Alpha 1.4.5 - The Cuteness Update


Cubimal racing just got a whole lot better!

New Features

  • Energy decreases while in the Wintry Place. #1411
  • Notes can be read from the ground, without picking them up first. #1396
  • Donating to shrines gives iMG. #1177
  • Spinach buff allows triple jumping (warning: it goes a lot higher than you might expect!). #1172
  • Food and drink now gives you a lot more reasonable amounts of enery. #1385
  • The ancestral lands have their nostalgia system. #1304
  • Animal Kinship 6 removes the butterfly massage prerequisite to milking. #1111
  • As hinted at above, cubimals now actually race on the street. #1397
  • Tinkertool recipes that repair tools are labelled appropriately. #1492
  • GPS routes along unvisited streets show up. #1556
  • Baby animal foods have been adjusted. #1135
  • Heli Kitties purr when petted
  • Petting Heli Kitties increases Animal Kinship skill
  • Rainbo Sno-cones can be created
  • Entity messages show up in Local Chat, and you can open their encyclopedia page by clicking on their name
  • Street elements are listed on street loading screen


There's now a special bag just for music blocks. Buy one from your nearest crab today! #1410


Instead of keeping your profile open, you can now monitor your quoin limit from the iMG menu. #1469


Friends list, and online/offline notifications for friends. #419


Place a still on a street, add grain, and collect hooch!

Bug Fixes

  • Double entities. #1181
  • Item spawners. #1394
  • Seeds bought from vendors didn't work. #1401
  • Sno cone vendor would reverse and the text would be backwards. #1412
  • The radiating message didn't work correctly. #1415
  • Visiting stones returned nonexistent streets. #1426
  • Selling bags did not provide an error message. #1429
  • Notes showed the time incorrectly, like "4:3" instead of "4:30". #1495
  • Recipes requiring skills that aren't yet in the game would not show up. #1552
  • Profile pages would not load. #1557
  • Amber never appears while mining #1593

Real World Map

Another feature included in this release is a change to the website. There is now a map that shows the location of all of the devs (we're everywhere!) as well as of all players who have logged in recently. You can check it out (and read about how we handled your privacy) on the about page.