Alpha 1.4.6

This update contains a few tiny improvements, and fixes some bugs.


New Features

As shown above, the street loading screen finally supports individual hub background colors, lists entities on the street you are entering, and will show when you are switching between hubs. Stills now accept potatoes, corn, and rice, and will drop the undistilled items when you pick one up.


You can now name animals with Animal Kinship V or higher!


The chat emoticons have been changed to EmojiOne, and now features the full set of emoji. Search is also much better, and it will automatically convert text emoticons to emoji when you send messages.


There's also one new feature we're testing out on only one street in the game. See if you can find it!


Just in time for Zilloween (or just a bit late), you can now carve up pumpkins and light them up with fireflies. Check out the Knife and Board for the carving. These recipes will only be available for a limited time!

Pumpkin carving is only available during Zilloween so enjoy it while it lasts.
Pumpkin carving is only available during Zilloween so enjoy it while it lasts.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fix ingrown barnacles and ice nubbins. #1480
  • Street/hub links in chat were wonky. #1636
  • Skills layout in iMG menu fixed. #1607
  • Stills were not very stable. #1653
  • Watering trees during rain. #1581
  • Piggy nibbling was not affected by skill level. #1581
  • Location-based buffs were not cleared. #1699
  • Friend window did not properly sanitize data. #1706 #1869
  • Butterfly achievements were broken. #1709
  • Chicken achievements were broken. #1711
  • Pig achievements were broken. #1727
  • Batterfly guano was broken. #1559
  • Crabpacks would lose musicblocks. #1645
  • Mailbox window would not scroll. #1744

Sorry we don't have more, but we're really busy right now. Expect more awesomeness in the coming months :)