Alpha 1.4.7

Take a look at what your friends have been leaving around Ur.


We have just a few updates today. It's been a busy time but we wanted to release some of the new stuff that's been sitting around for a while for you to enjoy.

New Features

  • Option to disable NPC messages in the local chat #2142
  • Giant icons can now be placed on the ground and acted upon #1611
  • A publicly view-able notes board ( #1502
  • Separate volume slider for weather effects #1569
  • View the weather in another region before venturing out (see if you need an umbrella) #1618
  • While navigating, multi-street signposts will default to the next street on your route #1615

Bugs Fixed

  • Gone are the "Visting Stones". Here to stay are the "Visiting Stones" #2104
  • You need paper to start writing a note...unless you're a wizard #1839
  • Game hotkeys are now disabled while entering a new username on the login screen #1980
  • The "A Cold Place" buff won't get stuck anymore #2039
  • Prevent street loading from getting stuck at 99% #1983

You can see a full list of issues resolved here.