We were going to wait until December to give this gift, but we couldn't wait and thought you all might appreciate it while you're home this week. Sorry it's not an update (quite yet), but it's [...]
New Features The last few updates have been pretty big, but all of the new features were minor. Let's change that. Chat The first addition worth mentioning is not really that important to [...]
Programming humor Continuing with our behind the scenes series, I wanted to talk to you today about some of the tooling that we use as a team to get stuff done. Git/GitHub GitHub keeps the [...]
To stay interesting between releases, we decided to write a series of behind-the-scenes posts, explaining how we do things internally to produce our game.So here goes the first post, about our [...]
We just released Alpha 1.0.0 a few weeks ago with tons of new features and a few bug fixes, but it also created a few new bugs and there are always new things to add, so here we are. New [...]
It's been a long time since the last game update, and we are very excited to announce approximately 1 metric tonne of new features and items, plus the results of the fruit tree phrase contest. [...]
Voting Hi everyone! It's been a while since the last phrase voting cycle, but the forums now have voting to replace the soon-to-close Google Moderator system from before. The next topic will [...]
Hi everyone! So while you have all been playing with the new changes, I have been working on a wiki. The old Glitch encyclopedia rather set-in-stone and not user editable, and the Glitch [...]
We updated the game recently with some changes we have been working on and bugs we have been fixing since The Major Update To End All Major Updates. There weren't too many drastic changes, but [...]
Back in my day, we made terrible logos and we liked it. Here are some I made before we settled on our current one.
This is a little more organized, isn't it? It's been a little while since we've pushed new features to the game. But that doesn't mean that we haven't been building them. One thing that tends to [...]
This is why I'm not in charge of art, okay?!?! It's been a long time since I last updated everyone, and you all may be wondering why Google Moderator hasn't been updated with a new contest. [...]
As you maybe (and hopefully) know, we have been posting various game entities every two weeks for you all to suggest new phrases for, and we pick a few of the highest voted phrases each time to [...]
Funny trees are funny. So, when I posted about the talking trees, I had taken a few phrases from Tiny Speck's source code and included it in ours. But there's one problem, we already know all [...]
Hello all. I hope you are not getting too much snow. But if you don't want to go out and shovel your driveway, I've got something fun for you to do instead. Here's what our login page looks like [...]
It's been a while. I say this because I think the last post I put up was back in September. We've been busy in the meanwhile. Of course the fall months brought schoolwork and holidays which kept [...]
If you have ever found yourself lonely in the world of Ur, now you can share it with the company of the trees. If you harvest, water or pet a tree, you'll see that it now produces a bit of [...]
Hello everyone! As you can see, the CoU website has gotten quite a facelift! Our developers Andy, Courtney, and Robert have been working on this for a while and now it’s ready for your beautiful [...]
Hello folks. I just have a little quality of life style update for you tonight. After our last update that allowed you to look like anyone you wanted to, we heard a few things that were still [...]